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The winners of the Powered by Chocolate Milk contest are!

  • Laura Eisenbeis
  • Tammy Murden
  • Crystal Wickey

If you three could email social@poweredbychocolatemilk.com your daytime delivery address, the good people there will make sure to get you the package as soon as possible.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who entered! I might have to take up some of your advice this summer…



It’s been pretty crazy two months with the Olympics, World Cups, vacation and appearances but you can catch up with the upcoming end-of-the-year blog! I’ve been all over the place so time to sit down and write that beast, which will have a lot to cover, is scarce… but in the mean time, I have some good news! [+]


It’s officially official! Three weeks after the Olympic Trials here in Calgary, I was finally announced as a member of the Canada’s 2014 Winter Olympic Team bound for Sochi, Russia. [+]